ARMtwister PCMCIA-2

The ARMtwister is a small embedded control board with PCMCIA socket utilizing the Atmel AT91M40800 Microcontroller. With its customized version of uClinux-2.4 it is possible to use IEEE 802.11 Wireless PCMCIA cards, as well as Ethernet cards and most other 16-bit PCMCIA cards.

Technical Data

  • Atmel AT91M40800 CPU, 40MHz clock
  • PCMCIA socket
  • 2MB Flash
  • 2 serial interfaces
  • JTAG connector
  • I/O connector for general purpose I/O and SPI
ARMtwister Users Manual v1.03


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Midori™ Linux has been modified to suit the requirements of uClinux. The latest Midori uClinux release is available under the GPL from our CVS archive at

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